MUSEA Basic Package

The Musea application on totem

Create interactive multimedia content for your museum and display it on totem’s touchscreen


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In addition to the use of Musea’s online application functions, the Basic Package includes the licence of “Musea for Windows” to activate the multimedia application on a totem’s touchscreen.

With this option you can use Musea Editor for one year to create projects, store the final projects on the Musea server and generate the outputs for totem’s touchscreen, and you can use Musea Viewer to preview on your browser the interactive applications generated.

To use Basic Package, Musea for Windows application must be installed by the customer on the totem’s MiniPC following the instructions given in a specific manual, and the application outputs generated by Musea Editor must also be transferred to the totem by the customer.

All licenses are valid for one year.


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FAQ: Basic package and basic package plus

The Basic Package+, compared to the Basic Package, also allows you to remotely manage a totem connected to the network

It is necessary to have a totem with a touchscreen display and a mini PC connected to it. It will then be necessary to follow the specific instructions to install Musea for Windows on the mini PC and to transfer the created contents to the Mini PC. With the Plus version content transfer takes place via simple commands from Musea Editor.

The system will still be operational, but content modification will no longer be allowed after the license expiration

It will be possible to renew the license at an annual price equal to 50% of the purchase price

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