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ICTLAB PA, the ideal partner for the digital transformation of public administrations and SMEs

The Musea system is a project created by ICTLAB PA, which is part of the Digital 360 group, in cooperation with Xtrust and Nergal Consulting, which joined ICTLAB PA in 2021.

This collaboration results in Musea, a system that allows to easily create navigation paths between artworks and transforms any display into a touchless multimedia totem.




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Our mission: supporting Public Administrations and SMEs in digital transformation

The goal of ICTLAB PA is to support businesses and public administrations with their digital transformation.

In order to best serve our customers, we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic and cooperative work environment where our employees’ talents and expertise may be put to use.

Explore behind the scenes

Do you wish to learn more about the businesses that contributed to the Musea project?

You’ll find out how we are working together to offer a unique solution to enhance the museum visiting experience and how we can help your company or museum grow.

CBC, a restoration and conservation cooperative among the best skilled on cultural issues, actively participated in the ViSEA project installed in the Capitoline Museums.

ICTLAB PA is a company that provide consultancy services in the field of digital transformation, with with the goal of encouraging innovation in public administrations and SMEs. 

Xtrust is a company active since 2008 in Italy. It deals with the creation of innovative solutions in two-dimensional and three-dimensional video analysis for the B2B market, developing integrated applications for retail, banking, healthcare, smart building, smart city, cultural heritage, transport sectors, sports, and tourism.

Transform the visiting experience with Musea

MUSEA offers an interactive experience easy to implement for the museum manager. The visitor will be able to navigate easily and intuitively among the artworks in the rooms or museum sections where the totem is installed.

The visitor will also be able to take advantage of safe navigation thanks to the Touchless option, if provided. Check out the available options.

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