MUSEA is a system that connects content, tells the story of the museum's artworks, and enables usage of a multimedia totem in "Touchless" mode.

You can provide museum visitors an interactive experience with MUSEA by enabling them to use the available totems even without actually touching them

What is Musea?

Discover the mechanism that supports the development of cultural content

A cutting-edge integrated system called MUSEA makes it simple to connect multimedia cultural content to communicate the story of the artworks that are on display in museums, exhibits, and other cultural venues.

By moving a finger close to the monitor without actually touching it, the visitor can access the content using a totem that also supports “touchless” use.

The multimedia totem must be equipped with a Mini PC or with the device included with the “MUSEA Pacchetto Touchless” Visitors can use a totem that is set in such a manner to navigate through customized content that has been created using the appropriate integrated system.

By interactive participation, MUSEA improves and engages visitor experiences.

Any multimedia object connected to the network can have its content quickly and easily modified by the museum manager, who can also monitor their status remotely.

Installation of multimedia totems from MUSEA is possible at any museum


Without any technological expertise, you can quickly and easily create a content navigation path with MUSEA


Using MUSEA, users may navigate, choose content, and engage with the application without making physical touch, doing so in a sanitary and secure manner that prevents the spread of bacteria and germs.


Because to its exceptional versatility and the ability to employ any existing totem, MUSEA can be installed in all museums and cultural venues

What does the Musea solution consist of?

Musea Editor

Web application to acquire, describe, organize and create the multimedia content

Musea Viewer

Web application to see the presentation created

Musea for Windows

Application for the interactive public use with the totem

Musea also includes:

Musea Platform

The online platform that allows you to store the projects, monitor the totems and classify the content to be displayed on the totems, as well as update the content

MUSEA Touchless Package

Device that includes “Musea for Windows” and includes all hardware and software necessary to provide the Musea solution in touchless mode

Musea Supervision

A function based on Musea Platform and on an Agent linked to Musea for Windows, that allows to update and edit the content directly from Musea Editor

How does it work?​

The MUSEA system makes it possible to quickly and easily make information content accessible, which increases the value of a visit to a museum, a cultural place or an exhibition.

A device that enables a multimedia totem to be transformed into a tool with which may be interacted with in “Touchless” mode, i.e. without physically touching the screen, with obvious advantages from a hygienic point of view, makes it easier to use this content when necessary.

The Touchless system operates using gesture detection technology, which recognizes user hand movements made in front of a particular sensor located in the Touchless Package device.

The following are MUSEA’s defining characteristics:


Using a user-friendly software, create a navigation gallery for the material


Allows you to use any totem with horizontal screen


With just one click, send the prepared content gallery to the relevant totem.


Enables you to set a visitor-ready totem into touchless mode


Enables remote monitoring and content modification of multimedia totems

What can the visitor do?

When a visitor approaches the totem, he or she has access to a system that enables them to quickly learn about the collections of artwork (paintings, statues, etc.) that are present in the space they are visiting.

He can easily and intuitively explore among the pictures, movies, and information on the multimedia totem in touch or touchless mode.

The visitor can choose a collection and the associated artwork by moving their finger toward the screen and choosing one of the titles that are displayed.

After being chosen, the work is shown on the screen along with the details and insights related to it.

The accessible information and insights may be of the multimedia kind (written and images) and may include descriptions of the pictorial technique, the context (iconography), historical and cultural features, etc.

By applying markers on certain details or pictorial groups in the work, a second level of reading that is directly on the work reveals the insights.

Once chosen, specific sections offering written insights supported by visuals appear.

What can the museum manager do?

Via the “Musea Editor,” the MUSEA system manager is able to construct collections , links to artworks, information, and insights, as well as an easy and intuitive navigation path across the artwork available.

To provide visitors with thorough information and insights, the manager can easily develop and alter the multimedia content (images and text) linked with each artwork using the “Musea Editor” at any moment.

With “Basic Package +“ or with “Touchless Package +”, a manager can remotely or manually update the application at any time.

Musea can be used with the "Touchscreen" totem

All common touchscreen totems available on the market are compatible with the Musea multimedia system. All you need to activate the function is a touchscreen totem with an internal or externally linked small PC. In this situation, the mini PC must be loaded with Musea for Windows using the instructions in the manual.

The touchscreen totem can also be connected to the device inlcuded with the MUSEA Touchless Package and contains Musea for Windows.

Success Stories

Capitoline Museums

A customized version of the MUSEA system is used by the Capitoline Museums of Rome to provide visitors with an immersive and interactive browsing experience within their art collections.

For them, a “ad hoc” solution known as VISEA was developed, enabling an incredibly inventive visit to the frescoes in the “Sala dei Capitani.”

Visitors can navigate through the frescoes using the VISEA solution, learning about their historical and cultural context, and retracing the many periods when they were painted.

A more hygienic and secure experience is guaranteed because the information can be chosen in this instance too without touching any devices.

The aim of the immersive experience is to improve knowledge and appreciation of the art collections. With multimedia insights and markings on particular aspects of the artwork, the viewer can learn about the history and technique of the fresco in this manner.


VISEA video

Require a product customization

Do not pass up the chance to use technology to enhance your museum visit if the default viewing mode provided by MUSEA is not enough to satisfy your demands.

Email us to discuss the best approach to deliver the precise content you require without giving up the use of the touchless mode provided by MUSEA. You will be able to give visitors the most efficient approach to peruse the art collections without having to touch the screen, assuring them of a cleaner and safer experience. Give us a contact request, and we’ll give you a call back to discuss how to make your museum visit experience better and develop a solution that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Do you wish to resell Musea?

If you wish to resell Musea to your clients, contact us, we have an ad hoc offer for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how technology can increase the understanding and appreciation of artworks. We’ll give you all you need to get the most out of our products.

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