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MUSEA gives you a software “Musea Editor“) which makes creating galleries simple and intuitive.
The result is a presentation of the content as a set of galleries that the user can explore easily

Yes. via Musea Editor you can always modify, at any time, the contents displayed on the Totems.

Musea Editor has the functions to check the status of the totems where Musea Supervision is active. In any case, this feature requires stable network connections that are not dependent on Musea.

The touchless device or mini-PC connected to the Totem allows you to locally store the MUSEA contents to be displayed.
It is therefore not necessary to connect to the network to manage the contents.
The connection to the network is instead necessary to use Musea Supervision.

It is a system that provides for an interaction with the application similar to that of touchscreen systems but without touching the screen. In this way it is possible to select the multimedia contents of interest from a certain distance from the screen.

It will so be sufficient to bring your finger in front of the screen and move it near the screen to carry out simple navigation operations in total safety from a hygienic-sanitary point of view and with better sharing of the experience.

  • Simple to program: MUSEA enables museum managers to link content or to modify them quickly and easily without turning to a specialist.
  • Increased adaptability: Because MUSEA uses a straightforward video or HDMI cable to connect, it enables quicker replacement of the display and easier maintenance.

Use of a touchless multimedia over a conventional one has the following benefits:

  • Improved hygiene: Because there is no direct physical contact with the gadget, there is less chance of the transfer of bacteria and germs.
  • Longer life: Because there is no physical wear and tear, the device can last longer.
  • Increased practicality: The adoption of a touchless multimedia totem can facilitate installation of the device and user engagement with it.
  • Increased adaptability: Touchless multimedia totems can be operated with wet hands or while wearing gloves, boosting the likelihood that they will be used outdoors or in unique circumstances.

You can control and edit the content that can be viewed from the totem using Musea Editor. Customizations are not possible; they need to be developed specifically. The software does, however, let you change the colors of the interface and the logo.

Yes. MUSEA is compatible with touchscreen totems that have a horizontal screen, as long as they are equipped with a miniPC that meets the prerequisites of Musea for Windows. To add touchless interaction, which is not incompatible with touchscreen interaction.
The device purchased with the Touchless Package must instead be applied to the structure of the totem.

The Touchless package includes:

  • Hardware device with sensors for touchless
  • Dedicated power supply
  • HDMI cable and power cables
  • Installation manual
  • Bracketing and bolting for fixing Software bundled with Windows 11, Musea for Windows, preloaded and configured touchless drivers and software The Touchless + package additionally includes preloaded and configured Musea Supervision

The device has a form factor designed to be fixed to the structure of the totem and connected to it without eternal wires, with integrated touchless sensors facing the space in front of the screen. The motherboard is based on 11th generation Intel i3 CPU, 8Gb of memory and 128Gb SSD.

The delivery times of the Hardware device are generally very short (5/7 working days). The installation, which has as a prerequisite the preparation of some holes on the structure of the totem for fixing the device, takes less than an hour and is guided by the specific manual.

The requirements are some holes suitably positioned on the structure of the totem, for the power supply it is sufficient to have an additional socket inside the totem in addition to the one required for the screen. The box’s dimensions of 12 x 12 x 7 cm mean that it requires a very small space.

The hardware device of the Touchless Package and Touchless Package is offered with a warranty period of 12 months. An annual online assistance service can also be purchased.

Yes, after one year from the purchase of the Touchless or Touchless + Package, to modify or update the application contents on the totem it is necessary to renew the license of the application components .

Transform the visiting experience with Musea

MUSEA offers an interactive experience easy to implement for the museum manager. The visitor will be able to navigate easily and intuitively among the artworks in the rooms or museum sections where the totem is installed.

The visitor will also be able to take advantage of safe navigation thanks to the Touchless option, if provided.

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